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St Clerans in Autmn.   A beautiful photograph by Joe Crean.  The foreground is the Sarsfield Bridge.

Autumn at St Clerans.   © Joe Crean Photography 



​St Clerans is now a family home.  It has a long and colourful history and it attracts a lot of interest. It is no longer a hotel and it is not open to the public. We have created this website to enable exploration of the history, the architecture and the stories that abound at St Clerans.


We intend to build up this site as a repository of links, histotical documents, photographs, stories and more. 


So let us take you on a tour involving history, architecture, personalities, fortune and misfortune.

A well known house.

There are many fine Georgian houses in the Irish countryside.  St Clerans, formerly known as Issercleran, is famous because:



One of Burke family, Anne de Vere Cole,  became the wife of Neville Chamberlain and encouraged him to enter politics.



It was the home of Robert O'Hara Burke.  He is well known in Australia as the leader of the first expedition to cross the continent.



It was the home of John Huston, a famous film director.



It was also the home of his famous daughter, the actress Anjelica Huston.


It was owned by the well known talk show host and entertainer, Merv Griffin.  


John Huston said "St Clerans is one of the most beautiful houses in  all of Ireland . . ."   


2017 October.  Architecture at the Edge open days.

2015 October.   Death of Paddy Lynch.  Paddy looked after the horses at St Clerans for the Huston family.  He lived in one of the houses on the estate.  




A lift (elevator) has been added at the back of the house.




The Sarsfield Bridge and two weirs on the Saintclerans River were restored.   The two ponds were dredged and restored.  


The hotel kitchen was converted back to a family kitchen.   A bedroom was converted to a small sitting room.




Enda and Ian Quinn purchased St Clerans from the Griffin Trust. The house will be converted from a hotel to a family home.


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